We’re Eco-Friendly

29 October 2010
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Greener IT & Saving Energy

29 October 2010, Comments: 0

Following on from Haree’s post a few weeks ago about our lovely new Toyota Prius hybrid car, I thought I’d continue the green theme with some thoughts and suggestions on how to make your IT setup a bit more environmentally friendly. There are already several brilliant technologies for reducing energy consumption, some of which may already be built into your existing operating systems, so it’s worth knowing about these, especially as energy costs are set to increase dramatically in the future.

14 September 2010
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We are Going Green with a Hybrid

14 September 2010, Comments: 0

As part of our commitment to being “Green” and “Eco-Friendly”, iceConnect has recently invested in a Toyota Prius to help us get to our customers. The car is classified as a hybrid car which, simply put, operates on both unleaded petrol as well as electric. When you are sitting in slow moving traffic, which most people in London find themselves doing every day, the car’s engine automatically switches itself off and begins to use the battery instead. This means that you are using zero, yes zero fuel when in standstill or slow moving traffic.