Wireless Networking

16 September 2010
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Securing Your Wireless Network

16 September 2010, Comments: 0

So you’ve decided to get your wireless up and running. Congatulations on going cable free! But guess what? You now have several other considerations to mull over before you can indulge in wire-free surfing and connectivity. Following on from my last post, this week I’ll deal with wireless security do’s and don’ts, and give some advice on basic wireless troubleshooting.

6 September 2010
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Are Wireless Networks up to Speed?

6 September 2010, Comments: 0

Wireless networking has gone through many iterations in it’s short history, and with the advent of smartphones such as the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android which can connect to a wireless network, the idea of getting rid of all those messy cables and simply connecting your office computers to the network over the airwaves has never seemed so tempting. But is it the right thing to do?