3CX for Android App Configuration

22 April 2013
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22 April 2013, Comments: 0

The 3CX App for Android installs on most Android phones, and allows you to run a soft-phone as an app on your handset, essentially turning your handset into a 3CX phone extension that will work over WiFi or 3G.

On the Android handset, open the Google Play app (you will need a Google account to download and install apps for this) and search for 3CX. There are several apps here, but the one you want is the 3CX Phone for 3CX Phone System app (see the screenshot below, it’s the one that says installed).

App on Market

Next, run the 3CX Phone app from the App drawer to open the app. Everything else will be done from in the app. The main app looks like this:

Main Screen

Setup is relatively straight-forward, although you will need to get some settings from your 3CX system administrator, namely your extension number, password, the local PBX IP, the external PBX IP, and the 3CX tunnel password.

First, hit the menu button (location varies depending on phone, but usually to the left of the Home key). This should pop up a menu at the bottom of the App with 3 options: Settings, Register and Exit. Hit Settings. This will take you into a menu with 4 options (see screenshot below)

Main Settings

Go into the Accounts option, and hit Add New at the bottom to create the new account. This will open the account settings window shown below:

Account Settings 1

Name and Display name are arbitrary, however name them something sensible. My account name is Sams Android, my display name is Sam Mobile. Enter your Extension number, User ID, password, Local PBX IP and External PBX IP as provided by your system administrator.

Scroll down and hit the 3CX Tunnel setting, this will take you into the following screen:

Tunnel Settings

Tick the “Use 3CX Tunnel” option, and put in the Local IP of 3CX IP PBX and password as provided by your system administrator. NB: The password here is NOT THE SAME as the account password on the last screen.

Once all these options are entered, back out to the main settings menu (the one with 4 options, Accounts Audio Options, Advanced and About, and hit Advanced. This takes you to the following screen:

Advanced Settings

Make sure Enable 3G is ticked, to be able to make and receive calls on your remote extension over 3G when not connected to a wireless network. NOTE: 3G data usage will often incur charges once over a certain amount, depending on your phone contract. Most providers have 500MB, 1GB 2GB or unlimited quotas, check this with your phone provider.

Nearly ready to go! Back out to the main 3CX app window. If the app has connected successfully, you’ll see a green circle in the notification bar at the top, and the app will have the text “On Hook”. If not, click menu and hit the “Register” button. The 3CX app should connect. If you’re out and about and connected to a hotspot or on 3G, you’ll get a “Tunnel Connecting” notification, then the spot will go green.

Bear in mind that the app is dependent on a solid 3G or wiFi connection. If the connection drops, you may need to re-register the app using the menu button an “Register”. Keep an eye on the green dot in the notification bar at the top, if it goes red the phone is not registered.

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