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If you suspect that you have ransomware... read this first

We know these can be stressful times, but it is very important to remain calm and take well informed decisions to steer your company out of this disaster. We are here to help!

Manage the Impact to your Business

Act Fast & Don't Panic

We know it's a cliché but it is essential you maintain a level head as there are some very important decisions you will need to make. Decisions made out of panic and fear can often do more damage than the initial hack.

Don't Pay The Ransom

If you pay a ransom, you have no guarantee of data recovery, a lesson many businesses have learned before contacting iceConnect. By paying, you are fueling their cause and they will only ask for more money in the next attack.

Check Your Insurance

Several insurers now provide a level of ransomware cover, especially if you have Cyber Security Insurance. In turn, they may be able to offer you professional help and advice when dealing with ransomware emergencies.

Prioritise Recovering Your Data

Whilst your data is locked, your business may well be entirely unable to operate, so your priority should be to start unlocking the files and/or recovering your data from the last available backup. This should get your company back on its feet.

Get Professional Help & Advice

There isn't a quick and easy fix to a ransomware attack. Doing something the wrong way could lead to more harm to your business. We always recommend that you speak to the professionals to find a more effective solution.

Be Patient During Recovery

Recovery can take time, depending on how much data you have, where it is stored and the speed of the connection. We've seen in some cases a full recovery of data can take from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the nature of the storage and transfer.

Act Fast & Act Now

If you’re having issues with ransomware or want to protect your business from future threats, get in touch today.

Recovery Checklist

Step 1
Isolate the Infected Device
Find the devices affected by the ransomware infection and isolate them. Turn them off immediately, at the wall if you can, and disconnect them from the network to prevent further harm.
Step 1
Step 2
Track the Source of the Infection
Finding the source of the infection will help you identify the ransomware, and also help you establish which files and folders on your network have been locked by the virus. This can also help you to learn how to better protect your network.
Step 2
Step 3
Remove the Executables
Before you start to recover and restore your data from the ransomware attack, you need to remove the executable files which locked your files. Otherwise, they may re-lock any data which you have recovered, and lead to further damage to your network.
Step 3
Step 4
Unlock & Restore Infected Files
Once you are sure your network is locked down and safe, you can start to restore your data. We recommend downloading your data into a sandbox location first. Once screened and scanned, you can move it back to its original location.
Step 4
Step 5
Protect Your Network
Your network needs protection at several points to ensure this doesn't happen again, including emails, external drives and browser downloads. Endpoint protection software can include ransomware detection as well as firewall, anti-virus and email filtering.

Click here to find out how to better protect your network.
Step 5

The Time to Act is Now

Ransomware infections spread fast. The longer you take to react to the problem, the worse it could get. You need professional and expert help to recover your data and to protect your network.

Call our team of experts to do it for you

We Can Call You

If you’re having issues with ransomware or want to protect your business from future threats, get in touch today.

Experience Where it Counts

Our team of experts has a collective experience of over 60 years dealing with ransomware, making us one of the most experienced teams around when resolving these issues.

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Access to the Best Tools

The best solutions can only ever be completed by the best tools. iceConnect's experience and time in the industry means that we don't only have the best tools, but know how to use them inside and out.

A Team Working Round the Clock

We know just how important your data is to your business' operation. That's why our team will be dedicated to resolving your issue and getting you back on your feet.

We've Helped Over 600+ Business

Our company's long history means that we've saved hundreds of businesses from ransomware attacks in the past, in each situation tailoring our responses to that business' needs.

Act Fast & Act Now

If you’re having issues with ransomware or want to protect your business from future threats, get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ransomware is software that locks your files and demands a ransom for them to be unlocked, with the goal of impacting your company’s operations.

Any form of malware infection can come through downloading unsecured files, such as emails from unknown senders, suspicious downloads or phishing attacks.

You should never pay the ransom to unlock your files. There is no guarantee the attacker will do so, and you may remain a target that they know they can extort.

Many businesses are targeted by ransomware, as files are often vital to business operation and companies have the means to pay ransoms. The majority of ransomware attacks aren’t specifically targeted.

iceConnect will be happy to discuss your issues and ways in which you can stop these issues, whether they be current or in the future.

Every business IT setup is different, so there isn’t an exact formula which will tell you how much it costs. Typically, an initial consultation can range from £600-£1,200 and this should give you an indication of the full impact of the infection on your network and the state of your data. From this, you should also get a good indication of how feasible it is to recover your data.

Following this consultation, you need to have your network restored back to how it previously was alongside recovering all your data and putting it back to the correct location. This can be a time consuming process depending on how and where you data is backed up. Typically, as an example, we helped a company with 10 staff and 100GB of data recover their data following a ransomware attack and the cost of recovery was £2,400. In another example, we helped a company with 50 staff and 250GB of data which cost £4,800.

There is no guarantee that all of your data can be recovered, but iceConnect will retrieve as much as is possible in the circumstances.

Depending on your storage and network, your data recovery can take anything for a couple of hours to a matter of weeks. Our team can help determine an approximate time frame to recover your data, only once we know the full impact of the attack.

You shouldn’t try to access your data during the recovery process, as this process includes a scan for any remaining malware. Accessing an infected file will bring the problem back.

If your cloud files are often accessed by the infected devices, there is every chance that these files are infected too and will require recovery. It may be quicker and easier to recover files in the cloud using services such as Dropbox or SharePoint.

Depending on the anti-virus you use, your software package may struggle to detect specific forms of ransomware. Newly released forms of ransomware, sometimes referred to as Zero Day Attacks, may not have a patch or fix yet developed by anti-virus companies.