4 Ways to Make Video Calls Better in 2021

I think we can all accept by now, that video calls will continue to be a staple of business communications next year.

But did you know you can considerably improve your calls with just a few little tweaks? There are four key areas to pay attention to.

We’ll show you what to do and how to do it, in our brand new video.

Microsoft 365 Features to Boost Productivity

There’s no better tool for getting things done than Microsoft 365. It’s packed with useful features that most people don’t know about.

So in our new video, we’re highlighting three that many people find the most useful.

Microsoft Teams Is Perfect for Video Calls

Have you been using Zoom for your video calls? Microsoft Teams is a better business solution, and keeps all your activity with your staff in one place.

Here’s our round-up of the latest video call features added to Teams.

Is Your IT Stealing Your Staff’s Time?

Sometimes, members of your team will look for any excuse to down tools, make another coffee, and talk about how “their computer’s down”.

Bad IT can have a huge effect on productivity.

We’re now taking on new clients again. If this is a recurring problem for your business, we really should talk.

Take Our 60 Minute Security Challenge

We’re the local data security experts. And one of the things our team prides itself on, is quickly finding ways that hackers could damage your business.

In fact, if you give us just 60 minutes, we’re confident we’d find something wrong with your IT setup that places your data security at risk.

Watch our new video to find out more – then contact us to start your 60 minute security challenge.

When Did You Last Upgrade Your Business Phone System?

When was the last time you upgraded your business phone system?

If it’s been 5 years or more, then you’re overdue an upgrade.

You probably update your laptop and mobile phone every few years. Business phones are no different.

Watch our new video to see the benefits from installing a 2020 VoIP system for your business.

How to Choose the Right IT Support Company

Searching for the right IT partner is a lot like looking for the perfect lover, you meet a lot of unusual people before you finally find the right one. Along with this so-called search for your partner comes the awkward questions that you may want to ask them and similarly, here are five (5) difficult questions to ask an IT support company:

  • Who will be responsible for looking after me, day to day?
  • Do you specialise in one sector?
  • What’s your customer retention rate?
  • How much of your revenue comes from fixing problems as opposed to anticipating them?
  • What’s the worst IT disaster you’ve ever had to deal with?

Learn about how to choose the correct IT partner for your company by downloading our FREE guide:

A Phone System Designed for the Way We Do Business in 2020

Big things come in small packages. Your phone is an essential part of your lifestyle and your business. It can be used to text, check your e-mails, and call. But what more can you do with it? Well, a LOT especially for your business when you know how to fully utilize your Phone System.

Here are 7 benefits of a phone system designed for the way we do business in 2020:

• Know exactly how your phones are being used
• Improve your performance reviews
• Recognize a great job
• Look more professional
• Increase productivity
• Save money
• Grow freely

There are countless benefits that you can have from your phone system, learn to utilize it now.