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Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

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From the tech team at iceConnect, to anyone sat at a desk, struggling to find the document they minimised ten minutes ago, here are a few handy keyboard shortcuts we deemed the most necessary to know.

Ctrl + ‘S’ = Save document

Ctrl + ‘C’ = Copy text

Ctrl + ‘V’ = Paste text

Ctrl + ‘X’ = Cut text

Ctrl + ‘Z’ = Undo action

Ctrl + ‘Y’ = Redo action

Ctrl + ‘B’ = Make text bold

Ctrl + ‘I’ = Italics

Ctrl + ‘U’ = Underline text

Ctrl + F = Find word

Shift + Arrow keys = Highlight text

Windows key + ‘L’ = Lock computer

Windows key + comma = Peek at desktop

Windows key + ‘T’ = Look through apps on task bar

Windows key + arrow keys = Change window size

Windows key + ‘D’ = Minimises everything to show desktop and again to bring everything back up

Windows key + Shift + ‘S’ = Screenshot part of screen

Shift + Windows key + Left & Right arrows = Move window to another monitor (multiple screens)

Shift + Windows key + Up & Down arrows = Minimise and close window

Alt + Tab = Quickly switch between windows – helpful to find pop up windows

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