Network Security

Organizations of all sizes depend on their networks to access internal and external mission-critical applications.
As advances in networking continue to provide tremendous benefit to organizations, they are increasingly challenged by sophisticated and financially-motivated attacks designed to disrupt communications, degrade performance and compromise data. Therefore, ensuring the security of your computer systems becomes a key part of our responsibilities as your IT support provider.
The protection of your network, your data and the integrity of your systems are paramount, therefore we at iceConnect offer you a piece if mind that your network has no weak links using the latest state of the art penetration and security tools. We realise the importance of your business and therefore, we treat all matters of system security as a highest priority.

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Tanya Dandrige

We at iceConnect can ensure you select the utmost network security eliminating all different types of risks to your network. We can provide you sophisticated and integrated network security solutions ensuring you no business downtime, no loss of data caused by virus, spyware or malware.

A network firewall is necessary to protect yourself from data loss or exposure. A firewall is a system that enforces an access control policy between two or more networks. A firewall's purpose is to keep unwanted individuals, viruses, spyware and malware out of your network while still allowing you to get your job done.

We provide in-depth network security audits and assess your network. Malicious attacks penetrate outdated stateful packet inspection firewalls by exploiting higher network levels. Point products add layers of security, but are costly, difficult to manage, limited in controlling network misuse and ineffective against the latest multipronged attacks.

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