Remote Working

Remote working allows employees to work from home, a hotel, a train or even some flights.
As technology advances faster and faster remote working is becoming more popular amongst businesses. The ever-increasing speed of broadband, the wide availability of smartphones and wireless hotspots has made it possible to work from almost anywhere through a range of devices. This has opened up an opportunity that businesses can take advantage of to reduce costs, increase productivity and essentially, make money.
Remote working means that employees can work from home, a hotel, a train or even some flights. This means no more time wasted when travelling from client to client, no more snow days bringing the business to a halt and being able to keep up-to-date on what’s happening at the office while you’re on a business trip. For business owner this means greatly increased productivity which means better business and for employees working from home can be more comfortable and the increased productivity on the road can lead to better chances of progression in the company.

With our new firewall and VPN's to link our offices in London, Thailand, Brazil, Manchester and Italy, productivity has never been better. Everything now works in real-time and all our data is kept securely on our server.

Ketan Patel

Linking branch offices together, despite geographic location.
Remote working is not necessarily limited to individuals either. With Virtual Private Networks (VPN) satellite offices can safely and securely connect to the main office and each other so that all the branches work from the same data and share resources such as storage space and printers. VPNs are significantly cheaper than leased lines and with industry standard security your company’s data will be kept safe.

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