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5 Questions To Ask Us That We Want To Say “YES” To

5 Questions To Ask Us That We Want To Say “YES” To

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Covid-19 has caused countless businesses across all industries to question the standard of their IT support.

The new remote working world has been a genuine litmus test for IT companies claiming to offer an all singing all dancing service.

The cloud-based IT system you thought was running seamlessly in the background has turned into a lead balloon. As staff working from home can no longer access their files.

The Online Workplace feature that you thought would come in handy has the functionality of an ashtray on a motorbike.

The “unlimited” IT support you were paying extra for has miraculously found new limits now your team is working from home.

Overall, the last ten months have been very revealing. The wheat is most definitely separating from the chaff so to speak.

We have been tirelessly talking to businesses and acquiring new clients as their IT and telecoms partner.

These conversations have taught us that customers are not asking the right questions when shopping for telecoms and IT support.

iceConnect has created a guide covering the top five questions you need to be asking your IT provider before you sign on the dotted line.

Click on the link to download our PDF guide.

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