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Service Obsession

Our aim is to provide a flawless experience, and only by going above and beyond for our clients can we ensure complete satisfaction in the service we deliver. With the bar set so high, see exactly how we maintain our 5 star track record.

Our No. 1 Priority is You

As a business which is dedicated to and focused on providing an exemplary service, our goals is simple – deliver a memorable client experience that’s second to none.

iceConnect is a team of engineers with the wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over several years of learning, aimed at always delivering on our promise of complete satisfaction.

Client Retention
Client Satisfaction

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Customer Charter

We’ve done something no other IT company has done before – we created a Customer Charter to show you how we deliver on our promise.​

Information will always be thorough and accurate.

  • Build a full understanding of the problem and client expectations, including severity, priority, time to resolution and required outcomes when communicating with the customer
  • Allow the customer to make informed decisions by providing advice and feedback confidently and with conviction, based on a complete, thorough and detailed investigation
  • Check the validity, accuracy and logic of any information used to diagnose issues before proceeding to implement a permanent solution
  • Work as a team, consulting colleagues for advice and if required, escalate the issue to a more senior engineer

We take full responsibility to deliver solutions on time

  • Take complete responsibility of the issue until it has been resolved, being a single point of contact
  • Deliver support fast and reliably with a pro-active approach to planning and time management
  • Don't re-assign issues to other team members or third-party companies without their acknowledgment
  • Provide timely updates on outstanding issues, including those from third-party suppliers
  • Contact and push third-party suppliers for regular updates on behalf of the customer

Our team is polite and always ready to help

  • Always be honest, polite and helpful, conducting work in a jovial but respectful manner
  • Maintain a cool, calm and professional approach to problem solving at all times
  • Go above and beyond expectations to ensure our customer is completely satisfied with our service
  • Strive to achieve positive feedback and, most importantly, learn from any mistakes
  • Be punctual, especially when attending site and return calls or emails when promised
  • Ensure projects are delivered on time with minimum disruption