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As a business which is dedicated and focused on providing an exemplary service, our goals are to deliver a client experience that’s second to none.

iceConnect is a team of engineers with the wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over several years of learning. We will always give 110% to ensure you, the client, are always happy with the results.

Customer Charter


Information will be thorough and accurate.

  • We ask the right questions to gather relevant information from you so that we make the right moves to help you troubleshoot any issues.
  • We run a robust and thorough check to diagnose the problem correctly.
  • We check the validity, accuracy and logic of any information we have before giving it to our customers.
  • All of our information is based on a complete, thorough and detailed investigation, allowing you to make an informed decision.
  • We consult our colleagues for advice or if required, to escalate the issue to ensure we are taking the best possible approach for our customer.
  • We deliver our support services fast and reliably. Our pro-active approach to planning and time management minimise delays.


We take responsibility and provide regular updates

  • When an issue is raised by our customer, we ensure that we take complete responsibility for the issue until it has been resolved.
  • We do not pass the 'buck' onto another one of our colleagues and/or third-party company without them acknowledging responsibility and us informing our customer of this.
  • We provide regular updates to our customer on any issue as often as reasonably possible, especially in the case of updates being received by us from our suppliers.
  • We contact our suppliers for regular updates to ensure a swift resolution on behalf of our customer.


Our team will be polite and helpful at all times

  • We will always be as polite and helpful as possible, and won't hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure our customer is completely satisfied.
  • We understand that we are in a service-based industry and our reputation is solely based on the high level of service we provide to our customers.
  • Our customers need to see that we will go above and beyond to get their issues resolved and we will exhaust all options to ensure that we provide a service second to none.
  • We will maintain a cool, calm and professional approach at all times.