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The iceConnect Team Smashes Bowling Tournament

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Interestingly enough, the most competitive and arguably the fiercest player of the bunch, did not walk away with the ‘iceConnect bowling champion 2019’ trophy.

After two intense games, with undeniably only two staff members with any actual chance of winning, the dreadlocked, Melemendi brother just inched ahead of our operations manager, Amish (the competitive one).

Scoring remarkably close with both of them winning a game, we resorted to a tie breaker – each man taking a cheeky shot in a free alley, with the decider being the most pins struck down.

In an insane, movie-moment that had us all tense, they both hit a strike and we went wild.They amicably agreed the first game was practice and decided to crown, Chuck our champ.

See below for evidence of the triumphant moment and some highlight footage of the day, including an unnamed technician’s questionable throwing technique.

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