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How We Help Dental Practices Thrive

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In our 16 years of operating, we have been helping dentists and their many practices to grow.

We have been fortunate enough to gain the support of the dental community over the years and trusted as the leading provider of phone systems for dentists. This has all been done through word of mouth and recommendations amongst peers, of our team and our service.

To help you (hopefully you’re a dentist reading this!) better understand why practice principles choose iceConnect, this blog post will break down what these phone systems exactly do and why it can enhance a practice’s marketing strategy.

Phone Systems

What are they?

Whether you own/run one or multiple sites, your practices can operate under a single telephone system that connects all locations and every single individual employee’s line.

Features include;

  • Silently listening into phone calls
  • Listening back on recorded phone calls
  • Taking office calls from any location with the use of an app
  • Creating on-hold menu options
  • Easily adding/removing new lines for employees
  • Transferring calls in and out of office easily

How can the phones boost productivity in my practice?

The phones run on a system that constantly records and monitors all activity, which is then compiled into statistical and analytical reports.

Available on a monthly, weekly or daily basis – as often as you choose, these reports offer crucial insights into how your interaction with your patients is impacting on business progression. They can provide answers to questions that could help advance areas of your business you didn’t know needed improvement.

KPIs We Provide For Dentists

  1. Number of abandoned calls
  2. Number of new patient vs. existing patient calls
  3. Average time to answer a call
  4. Average time spent talking to patients
  5. Daily list of abandoned calls so they can be called back
  6. Individual extension statistics comparing receptionist activity.

With all this information, you can begin to see where you could improve and any changes you can start making today e.g. making sure staff answer every single call.

Based on the information you find, the marketing methods you use can be tailored easier to your existing patients or new patients because now you know their behaviours and habits.

IT Support

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