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Top 5 Phishing Scams

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According to Google Ngram Viewer, since 2005 the word “phishing” has seen a 105% increase in literature and day to day usage. The last five years alone has seen a 30% increase in use.

This clear indication that phishing is affecting more and more people year upon year.

If you’re unsure of what phishing is, it’s when a criminal sends you an email claiming to be an organisation such as your bank. in the email it will ask for your personal details in an attempt to steal money from you. In essence its email fraud.

There are other online fraud scams that are just as dangerous such as:

  • Vishing 
  • Smishing 
  • Whaling

All the above are designed to steal your personal information and your hard-earned money.

Our video in-depth video explains the most common forms of online fraud.

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