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How To Avoid Windows 11 Upgrade Disasters

The new version of Windows will launch in the next few weeks, but many businesses are predicted to be confused by the upgrade. The current operating system is similar to 11 with strict hardware requirements. And even newer computers won’t run it unless they have a specific security feature switched on.

What is TPM?

Windows 11 is a new operating system that will require your computer to have something called the Trusted Platform Model (TPM) chip. This virtual security device acts as an extra layer of protection for Windows. It can help make sure you’re always running on trusted software, so hackers don’t get in or tamper with anything important.

Not All Computers can be Upgraded to Windows 11

Many businesses have numerous computers. And with Windows 11 being released soon, checking which ones can be upgraded to the newest operating system and then ensuring that each computer is TPM-enabled will take a lot of time and effort, but thankfully it’s not difficult if you know how!

When Is Microsoft 11 Launching?

Microsoft announced Windows 11 back in June. It’s due to launch in October, and anyone currently running Windows 10 will be able to upgrade for free over the next few months.

The new Windows 11 will be the best operating system yet. The requirements to use it are relatively high, but they’re worth meeting; for example, you’ll need a 1Ghz 64-bit processor with two or more cores and 4GB of RAM. It’s also recommended that your PC has at least 5% free space on its hard drive (if you don’t want any errors when installing Windows). You can find out all about these specs by contact a member of our team.

With all of these changes happening in one year, are you ready? If so, we can help with our TPM chip installation services to ensure your business computers are running at their highest performance levels. Book a free no-obligation demo today!

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