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2FA Is a Must-Have for Your Business

2FA Is a Must-Have for Your Business

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It’s not surprising that the rise of digital and mobile technologies has led to increased criminal activity. With so much of our lives now happening on laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., it’s no wonder cyber hackers are targeting online accounts with greater frequency. It is also vital for individuals to protect their account security by taking advantage of 2-factor authentication or 2FA, which will help ensure a safer online experience.
The new generation of cybercriminals are turning to increasingly sophisticated and damaging schemes, so businesses need to take advantage of 2-factor authentication.

Two-Factor Authentication Is the New Standard For Security

The rise in cybercrime has led to the need for stronger security measures. One of those steps is using two-factor authentication (2FA).

This rise in crime rates over this past year, combined with a lack of protection from hackers and internet criminals have caused many people to feel threatened or violated when they use their computers. This fear fuels what some might call paranoia that can make even well-intentioned programs seem dangerous or icky like spam email messages urging you not to turn off your computer unless you want it infected by malware! The fact remains though, there are more than one billion personal records stolen last year alone which makes it evident something needs to change if we don’t want our identities being taken away too easily anymore.

Password Status Quo

No one knows what to do about passwords. They are the most common form of user authentication, and it’s not like there is an alternative for them that doesn’t have its drawbacks. The general rule of thumb is that a password should be something only you know while being difficult for anyone else to guess- but they’re still hardly foolproof!

  • Passwords can be guessed by brute force or hacked using keyloggers;
  • Users tend to use weak passwords because their login details get reset all the time (or used as recovery questions)
  • People often reuse old passwords across different sites, which means if someone gets your username and email address from site A, they could go on other websites to gain access to your accounts on those.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) To the Rescue.

2-factor authentication (or simply “Two Factor Authentication”) can seem frustrating when the added steps between logging in. Ultimately it ensures that no one else gains access to your online accounts without first providing two pieces of identifying criteria: something they know and have with them plus something they are–usually their fingerprint or face scan.

The best thing about 2FA is that not even a potential compromise of just one factor will unlock the account. So, if your password was stolen or you lost your phone, it would be nearly impossible for anyone else to have access to your second-factor information and get into the account as well! This can help websites feel more confident in who they believe their user is when they go out of their way with these extra measures; giving them permission to unlock accounts where people use this security method correctly.

To Conclude Passwords & 2 Factor Authentication

We’ve covered many different ways to protect your digital assets, but by far the most important is 2FA. The future of internet security will be protected with this simple step, and you should take it as soon as possible! If you have any questions about how we can help you better secure your private information online or want an in-depth demonstration of our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team would love nothing more than for you to be safe on the web and get a sense of what we do here at iceConnect. Get started today with a free no-obligation demo from one of our experts who will walk through everything that’s needed so that when something happens, all your data remains safe.

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