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The Top Search Engine List for 2022

What Are the Best Search Engines and What Makes Them Different?

For those in a hurry…

There’s no getting away from it, search engines are an essential part of our everyday lives, whether for researching a new Xmas presents or where the nearest coffee shop is open before 7 am. People are more dependent on their search engine queries getting answered with just one click. So here is iceConnect’s comprehensive search engine list.
We monitor our search traffic to find out what people are looking for.

As much as we utilise all marketing methods, one thing that gets us the lion to share of our business is search engine rankings. Our Marketing team recently did a piece of work for our client looking to reach into the Russian market. They had spoken with other firms whom, all shared about what they do on Google and how such experts are in this field, but Yandex rules over there- not Google Bing or Yahoo!
It’s easy to forget that they’re not the only game in town, and their dominance doesn’t extend everywhere on Earth.
The point of this passage was about how we should never underestimate any company or person who seeks success through hard work because it could lead us astray from seeing opportunities for improvement among our competition if you don’t take them seriously enough.
The internet is an enormous and constantly changing place, so it only makes sense to overview other notable search engines. So let’s have a look at our list of different search engines.

1. Google

Google Search Engine

First on our search engine list is Google. For many, the Google Search Engine is the best in the world, and it has been consistently ranked as one of the top three most visited websites worldwide. Almost 70% market share for online searches comes from products either developed or owned by Google.

Google also has a very comprehensive map system with a brilliant database of businesses. This business feature is known as Google My Business. It allows the business to create a listing on the Google Map, making it easier for the customer to find details such as location, opening hours, contact details, services, images of the business and many more features. Don’t worry too much if you’re a business owner and don’t have a Google My Business account. Chances are Google has automatically made one for you. We highly recommend you claim this listing and get it updated ASAP as it may be displaying incorrect details of your business. It’s not uncommon for your Google My Business listing to get more views than clicks on your website, so claim your listing right now!. Here is a link to opening your own Google My Business account.

But what about YouTube? It seems like a stronger competitor when considering total monthly time spent using desktop computer-based video streaming services, which exceeds web activity on desktops combined with mobile devices during this particular period.”

2. Bing

Bing Search Engine

Second on our list of different search engines is Bing. Bing is Microsoft’s response to Google, and it was launched in 2009. Bing has come a long way since its launch, but just like any other search engine today, I would say that they are still far behind when compared with its main competitor Google, who reigns supreme as the king of online searches! Despite this, you can expect some fantastic features from them, such as place listings for local businesses that also include reviews by previous customers if available – all built beautifully within one platform called “Places“. Places is pretty much a straight copy of Google My Business. Even though Bing has far less traffic than Google is still worth claiming your business listing and making sure your details are up to date. Thanks to its connection with Microsoft, bing also offers some great integration with other MS products.

What bing does differently from Google is that it uses a variety of sources for its search results. This includes search results from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It also gives greater weight to results from more established websites instead of newer ones or those without much traffic. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for more reliable results, Bing may be. Bing also uses a more visual approach to displaying search results. For example, while Google gives prominence to the text-based links and descriptions, bing uses larger images, thumbnails of videos wherever they are available, and previews of web pages.

Despite Bing’s lower market share, it is still a solid search engine that offers some great features to users. So if you’re looking for something other than Google, give Bing a try and see what they have to offer.

3. Yahoo

Yahoo Search Engine

Third on our list of different search engines list is Yahoo. Yahoo has been struggling to keep up with Google. The recent report on net market share tells us that Yahoo’s market share is currently at 7%. This percentage is down significantly from its peak when it reached 12% in 2011, and 14 per cent back then would have been even more impressive!
In 2016 hackers were able to access user details & passwords for all four billion users- which explains why their security measures have been beefed up since 2016– but what does this mean exactly? They’ve finally recognised the problem after three previous hacks occurred between 2013 and’ and 14&2016.
Another feature of Yahoo that makes it stand out from other search engines is Yahoo News. Yahoo News provides users with the latest updates on topics including entertainment, politics, international affairs, and technology. With easy-to-use categories and a convenient layout, Yahoo News has quickly become one of the most popular sources for up-to-date information.

4. Baidu

Baidu Search Engine

Coming in fourth on our search engine list is Baidu. Baidu ranks as the most popular search engine in China and was founded by Eric Xu, an entrepreneur who saw how people were struggling with information overload on Google when they wanted something more specific or couldn’t find what they needed on a particular subject matter due to filtering options available at first glance which only return links posted online by others including advertisements as opposed to actual results submitted solely for informational purposes without any bias whatsoever. This website offers other services such as maps, news cloud storage, etcetera. Still, its primary objective remains to deliver accurate answers just like those given out through traditional means, plus providing users access via desktop computer browser, iPhone and Android smartphones.
Baidu’s position in China as the most popular search engine has also become notorious for its strict censorship measures. Baidu is different to Google in a few key ways. Firstly, Baidu is based in China and so is subject to Chinese censorship laws. This means that Baidu censored certain search results and topics in line with CCP directives. Finally, Baidu must comply with government directives on what results are allowed to be shown to users based on the CCP’s political agenda.

5. AOL

AOL search engine

AOL is a global mass media company that has been around for over 30 years. It was originally started as Control Video Corporation in 1983, then changed its name to America Online before becoming known simply as AOL Inc. The firm provides advertising services and products like email or web browser software; it also offers news articles on different topics imaginable (with some bias).
AOL currently accounts for less than one per cent of the search engine market share despite having once dominated this industry – but where did they go? Verizon Communication’s purchase might be responsible.
AOL’s focus on quality content from a variety of sources sets it apart from other search engines. In addition, AOL does not allow ads or sponsored posts to interfere with the user experience. This commitment to delivering quality content makes AOL an excellent choice for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional search engines.

6. Ask.com

ask.com search engine

Ask.com is a search engine that covers all your questions and answers with its simple question + answers web format where you can get expert advice from people who have been there before, using the latest archive data to help out when needed. It was founded in 1995 by Rick Sherlund & Mario Hernandez under their previous company name Ask Jeeves (now part of ownership). This community has grown into one of America’s favourite websites due largely because it offers unique features not found anywhere else, such as user-contributed content, rather than relying solely on external sources, as Google does, for instance. However, while highly reputable, they do suffer at times from lower relevancy rates since much time goes into creating these articles/answers themselves versus third-party results obtained through being links.
Another feature that makes Ask.com stand out from other search engines is its ease of use. Unlike Google, which can be quite complex and requires users to navigate through a range of different menus and settings to find what they need, Ask.com offers an intuitive interface that lets you quickly narrow down your search results by using filters like topic, date, and location, making it the ideal choice for busy professionals or anyone looking for fast answers. Furthermore, the design is sleek and modern, so it looks great on any device – whether you’re on your phone or on your desktop computer. Overall, if you’re looking for a simple yet powerful search engine that will deliver the information you need in seconds, then look no further than ask.com.

7. Excite

excite search engine

Excite is a well-known but still popular internet service portal. It provides us with email, search engine and news updates to keep our inboxes full; you can also chat online using their messaging system or check the weather forecast for tomorrow’s plans. This site offers everything from what President Trump might decide about healthcare policy (or anything else) in due time, all through its website and services like Google News feed that will give you access any minute of every day 24/7 just by typing into your browser window: “what should [you] do?

Unlike other search engines, excite offers several unique and special features that set it apart from its competitors, such as Google. For example, excite’s search algorithm is specifically designed to surface each user query’s best and most relevant results. Additionally, excite prioritises popular topics based on what other users are searching for – rather than relying exclusively on traditional web crawlers like many of its competitors. Finally, excite also makes it easy to filter and narrow search results by different factors such as language or country of origin. Overall, excite offers a fast and comprehensive search experience that continues to attract users even in today’s crowded online marketplace.

8. DuckDuckGo

Duckduckgo Search Engine

DuckDuckGo, an innovative search engine, is famous for protecting users’ privacy. Unlike Ask.com they are pretty open about whom they use to generate results, partnering with Yahoo and Bing and Amazon’s Alexa voice service integration platform Yummly back in 2008 by founder Gabriella Weinberg from a California-based company. Revenue comes through the Affiliates program on top of its partnership network agreements between these five partners that offer improved rankings if you have ads displayed next time someone searches something related online.

DuckDuckGo prides itself on giving users the best possible privacy. It does not track user data and therefore does not show personalised results. DuckDuckGo also has special features such as !Bang searches, which allow you to search directly on other websites, and Duck Duck Go’s unique algorithm, which gives more relevant results than Google. Duck Duck Go is the go-to search engine for anyone who values their privacy online.

9. Wolfram Alpha

WolframAlpha Search Engine

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge search engine that does not list documents or web pages as search results. Results are based on facts and data about that query, with their mission statement being to make all systematic knowledge computable for everyone– Wolfram’s vision has always included an emphasis on education, so they created this Pro solution designed explicitly around pricing structures tailored towards students/ educators who may need access but can’t afford it full price (though they also offer licensing). Much like its targeted audience, though-Wolframpremium provides an excellent tool whether you’re in academia looking up research papers; curious without much background Intelligence Agency Agents trying to solve crimes at home base during lunchtime.

Wolfram Alpha is a unique search engine that differs from Google in several key ways. Unlike Google, Wolfram Alpha is not focused on web pages or links but rather on providing users with direct answers to their queries. This means that Wolfram Alpha can give you an instant calculation of a mathematical equation, analyse data or provide statistical information about anything you throw at it.
Wolfram Alpha also features several other interesting features that make it stand out from other search engines. For example, Wolfram Alpha can recognise natural language and return detailed responses based on real-world data, allowing users to ask complex questions and get precise answers.

10. Yandex

Yandex Search Engine

Yandex is a Russian company that offers many services in different languages and regions. After leaving Google for political reasons, Boris Miller started it, so it’s no surprise they’re one of the most popular companies with great product offerings across countries, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

Yandex is a search engine that was founded in Russia in 1997. Unlike other popular search engines like Google, Yandex offers unique features and functionality that set it apart from the competition. One of the most notable features of Yandex is its built-in task manager called Ano. This feature allows users to create and organise tasks and reminders, making it easy to keep track of important tasks and stay organised. Additionally, Ano also integrates with other popular productivity tools like Gmail, Slack, or Trello, so you can easily manage your tasks from all of your favourite apps.

Yandex offers many unique features and functionality that set it apart from the competition, including its built-in task manager. This feature allows users to create and organise tasks and reminders, making it easy to keep track of important tasks and stay organised. Additionally, Ano also integrates with other popular productivity tools like Gmail, Slack, or Trello, so you can easily manage your tasks from all of your favourite apps. Ya.ru is also known for its robust search algorithms that return relevant results for even the most complex queries. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific topic or just trying to find the best restaurant.

Ukraine Russia War Update

Lately, Russia’s most popular search engine, Yandex, has been suppressing information about the Russia-Ukraine War from users in Russia.

Yandex is the largest and most popular search engine in Russia, with over 70% market share. However, its users have recently reported a significant decline in the amount of information available about the Russia-Ukraine War on their platform. This is particularly concerning given that Russia has been the main aggressor in the conflict, leading to thousands of casualties and widespread human rights violations.

Russia’s most popular search engine Yandex has suppressed information about the Russia-Ukraine War for people using Russian IP addresses. This is a significant move, as it limits the ability of Russians to learn about what is happening in their own country.

Many experts believe that this information suppression is due to political pressure from the Russian government, which views the war as a source of national pride and actively seeks to keep any negative stories about it out of lately.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict and full-scale war has been ongoing since 2014 and has resulted in over 10,000 deaths. However, little information about the conflict has been available to Russians through traditional channels. This has changed in recent years, as more and more people have turned to the internet for news and information.

Yandex’s decision to limit information about the war is a major blow to those trying to stay informed about current events in Russia. It is clear why Russia’s most popular search engine, Yandex, has come under fire for suppressing information about the Russia-Ukraine war. Many users in Russia have reported that when they search for news related to the conflict, they cannot find any results from independent media outlets or other sources that provide critical perspectives on the situation.

However, supporters of Yandex argue that this move is simply an attempt to protect its users from misinformation and propaganda. Russia’s most popular search engine, Yandex, has suppressed information about the Russia-Ukraine War for users with Russian IP addresses.

Yandex has been accused of using its algorithms to bury news stories and social media posts critical of the Russian government or pro-Ukrainian. Yandex denies these allegations, saying that it is only trying to protect the public from “false and misleading” information. However, critics say that this is just another example of the Russian government’s attempts to control the flow of information and silence dissent.

In a country where the media is already heavily censored, they argue, Yandex’s actions could have a chilling effect on free speech and open debate in Russia.

11. Lycos

Lycos Search Engine

Lycos has an excellent reputation in the search engine industry. Its critical areas served are email, web hosting and social networking sites like YouTube. Lycos has an excellent reputation in the search engine industry. Its critical areas served are email, web hosting and social networking sites like YouTube or Facebook for entertainment content creators who want their site to get more traffic from Lycophiles (fans).
Lycos offers a wide range of features and services to users across the globe. Some of its key features include fast, reliable searches, personalised results based on user preferences and advanced filtering options for more targeted results. In addition, Lycos also provides other services such as news updates, email accounts, forums, and more. Whether you are looking for information on the latest breaking news stories or simply want to connect with people from all corners of the world, Lycos has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Lycos today and start exploring.

12. Sogou

Sogou Search Engine

The Sogou search engine hit the market in 2004 and since then has grown into an industry leader. They have indexed more than 10 billion websites while maintaining high accuracy with their services, all without human intervention.
One example is that they use artificial intelligence-supported web applications which can automatically recognise images or text from various sources such as news articles on the internet across social media networks like Facebook. The AI also helps users find items by uploading relevant information so other people searching will know what topics should be searched before anyone else does!​
Sogou offers users a wide range of features and tools to help them navigate the web more efficiently. Whether you are looking for news articles, product reviews, or general information about a topic, Sogou makes it easy to find what you need in just a few clicks. With its intuitive interface and advanced search algorithms, Sogou enables users to quickly locate relevant content across all corners of the web. So if you are looking to stay on top of the latest trends and developments online, be sure to check out Sogou today!

Notable Mention Wikipedia

Wikipedia is often described as a type of search engine, and it has many of the same features that we typically associate with popular search engines like Google or Bing. Like these other search engines, Wikipedia allows users to quickly and easily search through millions of pieces of information in order to find the exact information they are looking for. Additionally, Wikipedia also uses sophisticated algorithms and ranking systems in order to surface content that is most relevant to each individual user’s needs.

Despite these resemblances, there are some fundamental differences between Wikipedia and more traditional search engines such as Google. For example, unlike other search engines which rely on paid advertising to generate revenue, all of the content on Wikipedia is created and curated by volunteer editors.

Wikipedia is a type of search engine that allows users to quickly and easily find information on virtually any topic. Its intuitive design, extensive database, and user-driven content make it one of the most popular tools for online research today. Additionally, Wikipedia offers several features that make it stand out from other search engines like Google, including topic categorisation and commenting options. Whether you are looking for news articles, academic papers, or general information on a particular subject, Wikipedia has you covered. So if you need to do some research online, Wikipedia is definitely the tool for you.


It’s time for you to really take advantage of all your online opportunities! And, among them are web searches. Google, Bing, and Yahoo dominate the search engine market, so use this knowledge wisely, do not to be left behind with what will become more popular as we grow closer together through technology.

In today’s fast-paced world where access is ever-evolving, it can often feel impossible to keep up when there seems like an endless amount of innovations popping up every day. But one thing remains constant: People still rely heavily upon information found via their chosen search engine.


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