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The Top 10 Apps You Didn’t Know Were on Microsoft 365

10 Microsoft Office Apps That Will Save You Time and Money. Are You Using Them?

While your business no doubt uses Microsoft 365 on a daily basis for Microsoft PowerPoint, Teams, Word, and Excel, there’s so much more to discover. The number of apps developed by Microsoft can help to improve productivity and create automated workflows for your business. Keep reading as we share 10 of the top apps that you didn’t know you could find on Microsoft 365.

1. Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner Logo

If you are using a planning tool such as Asana or Trello, you may want to consider switching over to Microsoft Planner. It’s a simple tool that is easy for users to navigate and allows you to plan and manage an entire project. You can create to-do lists, which you’ll then assign to your team members. As well as that,

If you are using a planning tool such as Asana or Trello, you may want to consider switching over to Microsoft Planner. It’s a simple tool that is easy for users to navigate and allows you to plan and manage an entire project. You can create to-do lists, which you’ll then assign to your team members. As well as that, it integrates with other Microsoft 365 subscription apps, making it easier to share files.

Microsoft Planner is Microsoft’s basic app for teams who are trying to work together. Microsoft Planner makes it easier to manage tasks, deadlines, and overall team responsibilities.

Microsoft Planner helps teams work together by making a list of tasks that Microsoft Planner users can check off as done. Microsoft Planner also features different Microsoft Planner templates, which allow Microsoft Planner users to choose from pre-made lists and plans for specific purposes such as team projects or managing home chores. Microsoft Planner is part of the Office365 Microsoft Planner service.

Microsoft Planner’s templates are broken down into the following categories: home projects, event planning, office projects, work tasks, and miscellaneous (for unique Microsoft Planner templates).

Microsoft Planner allows you to plan an entire project down to the minute. For example, if you need to coordinate a team meeting, Office 365 Planner allows you to set an agenda, send invites, and manage tasks. Office 365 Planner also lets users create lists of tasks that can be assigned to team members.

Microsoft Office 365 Planner helps the entire team stay on track with their project by breaking it down into smaller, more bite-sized tasks.

2. Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a great tool for anyone who is responsible for scheduling meetings with teams and clients. You can set up an appointment and send them an invite to select a day and time that fits their needs. This is then linked with your Outlook calendar, and you can add Teams meeting links. It’s a great option for improving user interactions and can even be integrated into your website.

3. Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate Logo

When completing repetitive tasks, consider using Microsoft Power Automate to automate your work. It will save you so much time and effort and is connected to many other Office 365 apps. This task management app creates workflows with your most common actions, and it can sync files and share messages in Teams. The chance of human error is also minimised, ensuring your work is completed efficiently and on time.

Microsoft Power Automate is a unique cloud-based solution that enables users to automate many types of work such as reports, data entry and much more. The app allows files to be connected across Microsoft 365 apps and services including Microsoft Office Pro Plus, Microsoft Word & Excel, Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Teams.

4. Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft PowerApp Logo

Power Apps offers your team the chance to create apps without learning to code. It reduces manual data entry and pushes out updates to smartphones.

It has some similarities to Power Automate, as it helps to create an automated workflow. However, with Power Apps, you can also create templates or use the workflows already in Power Automate. It has a desktop app but can also be used on mobiles. You’ll save a fortune when creating an app for your company, as you’ll no longer have to invest in a developer.

5. Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint Logo

If you are wondering what is Microsoft SharePoint, it’s basically an intranet for your company. It offers you the chance to share your news and resources on a larger scale. The SharePoint server can be fully customised to fit your company’s colour scheme and style, and SharePoint migration makes keeping everyone updated easier than ever before.

Part of our Office 365 Sharepoint set-up service includes:

  • Sharepoint migration is where we transfer all your folders and files from on-site servers and drop-box accounts to Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Setting up a structured root folder system
  • Applying permissions to specific users to ensure sensitive files are secure.

Microsoft Sharepoint application offers a number of benefits to businesses that are looking to expand their company online. Microsoft’s collaboration tools allow you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your staff, no matter how geographically removed they may be. Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint also provides secure cloud storage and the ability for multiple users to access files at once, improving your

Microsoft Sharepoint server can be fully customised to fit your company’s colour scheme and style, and Microsoft SharePoint migration makes keeping everyone updated easier than ever before.

6. Microsoft Yammer

Microsoft Yammer Logo

The Yammer desktop app is very similar to Facebook, offering social networking for businesses. It gives you an internal communication tool, such as Slack or Discord. Users will appreciate the feed, which is similar to that offered by Facebook. With Yammer, you can create polls, begin discussions, and provide your team with updates, improving the community atmosphere in your teams.

7. Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway logo

If you put together PowerPoint and a few of Canva’s features, you would have Sway. Sway allows you to build presentations, documents, and newsletters with little time or effort, which can then be shared with the rest of your business.

You can pull content from other online sources, such as Google Analytics, and then share them with the rest of your team or organisation. One of the biggest concerns when making presentations is ensuring they look professional, but with Sway, you’ll achieve this with minimal effort. It’s a good option when you are sending out a presentation for your team to guide themselves through, and it’s also optimised for mobile users.

8. Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream

Stream is Microsoft’s answer to YouTube. It’s an internal video platform, which allows you to share, create, and upload videos. Stream makes it easy to share your session recording with everyone in your business, and you can organise your content into various channels. You can create share lists that you’ll then pass on to specific team members, and there’s plenty of storage space within the app.

9. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

Everyone loves using a to-do list to keep themselves organised and ensure they complete everything on their task list. If you are constantly worried about meeting due dates, To Do, which was previously called Wunderlist, will help you prioritise your workload.

You can see who in your team has completed various tasks and then add notes to push them towards completing their work on time. It’s easy to share with your team and works well with many other Microsoft 365 apps. You’ll find Microsoft To Do lists available on mobile app and desktop, making it easier to offer updates and share information with your team.

10. Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity

Finally, the last tool on our list today is Clarity. If you currently use Google Analytics, this tool is an excellent replacement to help you know how individuals are using your site. You’ll be able to learn more about what they are visiting, rage clicks, and how you could improve your website.

You can view heat maps of the pages and sections of your site that people visit most commonly and even watch replay videos from their visits. It offers so much helpful information to business owners and can be used by your marketing and website development teams to improve your website for future users.

Whether you are looking for a migration tool, a to-do list, or a way to share videos with your team, Microsoft 365 really does have it all. You might be surprised to learn how many features there are on offer, many of which you probably have never opened or considered using before. Instead of relying on hundreds of different tools within your business, you’ll find it easier to share information with your team by opting to use these apps instead.

While some of these apps are included in your subscription, you’ll want to double-check this first, as some do have a small charge associated with them. Get in touch today for more information or to learn how you can make the most of Microsoft 365 within your business this year.

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